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What Does It Take To Achieve A Competitive Video?

In the midst of 2021, social media has become a fundamental tool in people's lives. It is where family, friends, acquaintances, brands, or artists from all over the world meet. Social media represents the possibility of making yourself known to an ever-growing audience.

Without a doubt, videos are in trend because they are the perfect alternative to get the attention you want. Making videos may seem simple, but the reality is that they require specific techniques and a certain level of professionalism to create the impact you seek.

It is essential to keep in mind that if you are looking for video production to boost your brand or start-up, doing a home video is a bad idea.

Even though there is much accessible technology to make a video with today, a video production company’s experience and professionalism will always be your best option to create a truly competitive video.

How do you make a Competitive Video?

A well-made video is hard to deny. You have probably watched thousands of videos during your life span, but only a few have managed to remain in your mind. Why is this? Simple. It’s their quality, and this doesn’t mean resolution.

Having a phone with a 4K camera is not enough to achieve a competitive video. Professionals spend years in their careers preparing and continually perfecting the right techniques. Their secret sauce is experience.

Now, some essential aspects of any competitive video, to name a few, are as follows:


In video production, nothing goes right off the bat. Professionals highly avoid improvisation. A detailed literary and technical script is prepared well in advance to provide concept and content preciseness.

Some videos require even more visual planning like lighting design, camera placement, and storyboards!

The Aesthetics

No video is attractive without it! You need to take care of your photography and location’s art direction. Why? Because these visual elements will absolutely translate and become indispensable to your overall concept and story. Remember, a video is 100% visual, where camera movements and good framing become part of a fundamental language that expresses most emotions and ideas without words.

For this reason, if anything sets apart a home video from a professional one is precisely the way it’s captured. Shots and camera angles need to tell the story accurately because you place your audience where you place the camera. Your message may not translate as dynamic or as passionate if the camera is simply in the wrong place at any given moment.


You must be in line with the concept you want to evoke. The vision seen in your mind will never translate technically by just pushing the record. It’s tough to achieve your vision without the right tools, given that 90% of the time, your filming location will not be optimal because of a lack of exposure, atmosphere, or mood.

Professional lighting can be artificial, natural, or both. Artificial fixtures require extra light, while natural lighting comes from the sun. But depending on the time of day, it needs to be modified to achieve the coveted look. The sun alone will not cut it the majority of time.


It is just as important, if not more important, than the quality of your image. Your audience can bypass many visuals that don’t meet Hollywood’s standards. But sound? Bad audio WILL NOT be forgiven. Your audience will simply stop watching.

Here is where your cell phone’s microphone will capture excessive ambient audio, unwanted noises, and voices with an echo that will give viewers an unprofessional perception. Your audio needs to be captured with high-fidelity external microphones that adapt to different situations to achieve a professional sound.


A professional video requires precise and timely editing. Someone who simply knows the latest editing software is not always a professional editor. An experienced video editor truly understands story structure and pacing. Also, keep in mind no camera delivers the perfect image right out of the box, from your 4K cell phone to a fancier DSLR. Part of the editing process includes fine-tuning the final piece via color correction and sound design.

A Video Production Company Is Your Best Option to Achieve a Competitive Video

So there you have it. These are just some of the many aspects at play when creating a professional video. Even though technology allows us to experiment on our own, we must rely on specialists when wanting to stand out in any given market.

A video production company has technical and creative teams trained to accurately achieve the video you need for your startup or brand.

Say goodbye to those home videos and get in touch with a specialist. He or she will give you the right advice to make a real impact on as many people as possible.



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