Video Pre-Production in Los Angeles, CA

PowerTale Productions offers video pre-production services to clients across Sherman Oaks, Santa Barbara, Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Long Beach.


Our Video Pre-Production service includes:


  Idea Generation


  Video Logistical & Creative Planning

  Video Scheduling & Budgeting


Idea Generation

Choosing the right creative approach can be the hardest step in making an effective video. While you don't need to lock your script before shooting, it's a great place to start. Every production needs to make sense with their message directly from these pages, so the earlier you lock it, the better.
The creative thought that brings your video to life and makes it really resonate with your audience.
  • Scriptwriting

    Writing a video script is easier than it seems. If you don’t have time or you don't know how to put your ideas down on paper, here is where we come. We can help you not only in the writing process but to give some inputs. Team-working is the key to end up with a fantastic video.
  • Video Logistical & Creative Planning

    The logistics phase of the pre-productions is about arranging all the details os the production. For example acquiring the equipment needed for the shoot. allocating props if need it. Gather the crew and getting approval at the locations. The list of logistic can be overwhelmed but you don't have to worry about that. We got your back 
  • Video Scheduling & Budgeting

     finalizing your budget, to make sure you can find the gear and afford the locations for your project. This is never the most fun part of pre-production, but very often it’s the most important.