Five Tips To Make A Great Video

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With the visual medium gaining increasing popularity, videos are looked upon as entities that have superpowers. With the right blend of music, artistry, and storyline, a video can help you generate and educate leads, extend your reach, and drive sales as it is easy to understand, and is a shareable way to communicate your company’s core message.

If you want to create a jaw-dropping video, but don’t have much experience, there’s no need to fret. As an award-winning video production and post-production company, PowerTale Productions has put together five tips to help you create a great video to market your business, even if you have limited resources.

Tip #1: Planning and pre-production (Your video is not going to do it by itself)

Pre-Production is vital when it comes to video production no matter what kind of content you are producing. When you are in the production process, you should try to be as efficient as possible, as you are combining a lot of elements in one same place and time. You have your crew (whether it’s a few people or a bunch), your actors, your equipment, your props, your location, and a time in the day (for each day you shoot). All of these elements are going to be working together for the service of a final product, and they should be used effectively.

Time, for example. You set a time for everyone and everything to be at the same place (Location). No matter what you do, time keeps going, and you need to use it effectively; especially if you need a scene or shot to happen at a specific hour because of either the lighting, its complexity, or the actors’ or crew’s availability. Because of this, it is better to plan a timing that suits everyone and everything, by making a shooting schedule.

The location is the place where you will shoot, and it needs to be a place where, first, everyone and everything fits and has enough room to shoot (or you can access to everything or everyone easily). Second, where you are allowed to shoot or record any material legally because YOU CAN’T JUST SHOOT ANYWHERE. Otherwise, you will have to sign off permissions and probably pay to be able to shoot there. Moreover, it should serve your story or your kind of content (visually). For these things to happen, we recommend you to plan everything ahead of time and find a location that you can definitely use.

Your equipment. Before anything, we want to say that the type of equipment that you use does not determine the quality of your video; it is the way you use it, that matters. So, whether you are using a smartphone camera or a professional camera, be sure that you know how to operate it before you shoot. Don’t waste other people’s time. Same goes of your sound equipment. Make sure that your equipment is ready for use at the time you need it. In other words, be sure that they are fully charged for the shooting day, and also, make sure that there’s enough storage or memory for the amount of media being recorded. Forgetting this could cause you to waste a few good hours or to re-schedule. Adding to this; props, especially if they are action props, should be at your location and at the right time to shoot them. To have all of this ready, you should make a list of your equipment and props, making sure nothing is missing.

Last but not least, the crew and the actors. Things get a bit more complicated here because you are dealing with people, not things. For starters, you need to check if who you need is available at the time you need them, whether if they are part of the crew or if they are part of the talent. Check with everyone with enough anticipation if they are available. To do this, a call sheet is used to keep track of everyone and the times they should be on set.

There are many things you should think about before shooting a video of any kind if you want it to look professional.

Tip # 2: Communicate (People need to understand what you want)

If you are filming actors, you probably should rehearse their actions before the shooting day. You don’t have to impress anyone, you just need them to understand exactly what you want with enough time for them to be able to do it. The same goes for the crew members. You don’t have to know how to do everything, but you should be able to say what you want to see on the screen and understand the answer that they give to you (if it is possible to make it happen or not). Therefore, be clear with what you want and with the way you express yourself to others. Taking examples from other productions or visuals can help you explain yourself better.

Tip # 3: Use the right camera.

We will not explain everything there is to know about cameras, but making a great video is not just about pointing the camera at something and record it. There are different camera angles, positions, movements and lenses that are used to tell a story more dynamically or make a great video. Otherwise, it is just a dull and monotonous video that will bore people after fifteen seconds of looking at the same thing. Whether you use an iPhone or a professional camera, it is that simple for everything. So make sure you know this, or hire someone that does.

Tip # 4: Ensure you have good sound (or no sound at all).

Audio is 50% of your film and believe it or not, it may affect people even more than your visuals. Bad sound can kill everything you’ve got, no matter how good your footage looks. So, if you are recording dialogue, make sure it’s good, so there is no need to re-record it (ADR, which might not match perfectly). If you are using Foley or adding sound effects in post-production, make sure it sounds good too and that it doesn’t confuse or distract the audience.

Tip # 5: Editing.

The point you want to make in the video can be achieved mostly during the editing phase. This is where everything comes together and makes sense as an overall video/film. Again, people get bored after looking at the same thing for a while, so it is essential to know when to cut and also to know what the audience will see next. Is it dynamic? Does it make sense? Does it match with the previous shot? There are several things you should ask yourself while editing because this is what your audience will see - your final product!

As you can see, it is not that easy to make a great video. It requires time, dedication, planning, technique, and communication, among other things. So, if you are willing to do all of this and more to make your video, you should go for it. If you are not willing to dedicate enough time or thought into your project, then it probably won’t look great, and it might be better for you to hire a professional or a production company.

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